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Yupward Admin Introduction - Yupward - 10-04-2019

Hey everyone,

First off I would like to express how happy I am to have you here today.

I started in the Skate community by posting edits on youtube and colaborating with other creators under the name iProCoDE.
I was apart of pretty much every community that popped up in the game and helped pave the way as much as possible with realistic skating and helped in creating low pop. We hosted many competitions with great prizes such as our EA Street League and Battle at the berrics. I was in the community from the beginning to the inevitable end.

Even after the game practically died, myself and a handful of others would still try to rebuild the community but the game was just too far gone.

After seeing session finally become more of a real thing with release dates and console releases, I felt so hyped. All I wanted to do was get the old team back together and make edits again.

I revisited older communities I was apart of but found they have been abandoned for awhile.
I decided to make a community of my own and try to add more than just conversation topics to it. I have big plans on where I want to take this community, but for now we just have to let time tell if it will be a possibility.

IRL im 23 turning 24 soon and have been skating for about 7 years. It is apart of who I am and I will do it until my knees cant take it anymore.

SeshUp is a passion project of mine coming from a place of love for skateboarding, videohgames, and of course skateboarding videogames. When I am not working on the website I am either at my fulltime job as a graphic designer or working on my business HashSaq.

If you ever wanna talk about literally anything, please feel free to message me, email me, join the discord, or anything.
I will always make sure to reply.

Thank you all very much.